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Valchromat Wood Fiber Board


In 1996, in the research department of Valbopan, SA factory, in Famalicão da Nazaré, a research project is started to develop and improve wood-based products already on the market.In 1998, a unique and innovative product is developed. Wood-based, with color throughout the thickness and specific features of physical and mechanical resistance: Valchromat is born.

Since then, this product has been subjected to several industrial tests which enabled it to reach the state of maturity where it is today. In cooperation with manufacturers, architects and technicians, the economic, technical and aesthetic benefits of its use have clearly been demonstrated.

Currently, as a result of an exceptional commitment to promote it among architects, designers, decorators and carpenters, Valchromat is present in the four corners of the world, with an extensive network of distributors.

“Valchromat is not MDF. It is an evolution of the MDF”.

The added value of Valchromat comes not only from color but also from its distinctive composition and manufacturing process.Valchromat is a ” wood fiber panel with color throughout”, where fibers are colored individually, impregnated with organic dyes and bonded together by a special resin which gives Valchromat unique physic and mechanical features.

It is an evolution of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and is clearly superior to coloured MDF.

Main differences:

  • 1. It is moisture resistant
  • 2. It has greater internal cohesion and, therefore, higher mechanical strength
  • 3. It allows working in three dimensions – mechanization
  • 4. It has greater resistance to bending
  • 5. It requires less effort of finish
  • 6. It ensures a lower abrasion of tools


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